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EBTRC's purpose is to make technology a resource everyone can afford and use. EBTRC knows that by helping people connect to information that improves their quality of life, the entire region realizes economic and social gains. Formerly known as the Phoenix Project, EBTRC has operated as a program of HEBCAC for six years.

EBTRC is closely integrated into Baltimore's economy. The late-model computers it refurbishes are donated by local universities, hospitals, corporations and govenrment agencies. Community residents learn to refurbish and repair systems in addition to learning to use desktop application software. Community youth are employed at ReBoot, EBTRC's retail outlet. Refurbished systems are used in educational and workforce development programs and connect families to tools that lead to self-sufficiency. Surplus parts go to a Baltimore-based recycler where they are disposed of responsibly.

Services & Products

Since its launch, EBTRC has distributed over 10,000 high-quality, refurbished computer systems through four basic channels:

EBTRC also provides free training on desktop applications and hardware maintenance


Address:      901 N Milton Ave.

                    Baltimore, MD 21205

Phone:  410-534-0499