Success Stories


Hello--My name is Ann and I found out about Dee’s Place in 2005.

I was having problems with my spouse. It seemed as though he wasn’t ready to surrender to the process of recovery. I just needed some were to go. All I knew was that I just didn’t want to use any drugs. So it was late one night and all I wanted was to be around people just like me. It had to be somewhere safe and drug-free where I could get some clarity. It was late at least one or two in the morning. I found myself at Dee’s Place and there were people there and someone talked to me until I felt better until I felt safe to go home. And ever since I’ve been attending meetings and events there and if I need someone to talk to Dee’s Place door’s are always open.

Thank you - I’m so blessed,
An Addict named Ann


My name is Robert and I am a recovering addict.

My addiction spanned about twenty years with some periods of clean time in between. After losing my job, my home, my family, and finally my self it was either surrender or die. I chose to surrender. After detoxing from a $100.00 a day heroin and morphine habit, after care, and finding a job, all while living in a recovery house, the reality of life started setting in and it began to get scary. Sitting in a support group meeting for an hour just wasn’t enough after while. I had been to Dee’s Place a few times by now but I wasn’t coming on a regular basis. Then one night I found myself in a situation that could have caused me to use again. There were no meetings going on and I remembered Dee’s Place and I stayed there until the sun came up needless to say I got through my crisis. At that point I started volunteering my services at Dee’s Place and after about a year a position opened up. I have been the Assistant Program Coordinator for Dee’s Place now for four years and have helped many people here at all hours of the night like someone helped me. I thank God for Dee’s vision and everyone who brought it to life because it saved my life on a frightful night that could have changed my life or even taken it. I have been clean for ten years now and I am loving every day of it.

Truly Blessed,