Historic East Baltimore Community Action Coalition


Want to learn about computers?

At EBTRC we know computers—we refurbish over 1,500 computers a year. Most of these refurbished computers are sent to Maryland public schools to ensure kids have access to computer technology. We also make some of our refurbished computers available for sale through our ReBoot Computer Store.

Just walk in and our Refurnishing Department will introduce you to all the components and workings of desktop computers—

We will instruct you on how to rebuild a computer using state-of-the-art recycling methods. And while we are teaching you the ins and outs about computer hardware—and after you volunteer 100 hours helping us in our refurbishing operations—you get a FREE computer.

Interested in learning computer programs?

Our Learning Center can help you learn the basics of a number of popular and useful software applications. Through group and one-on-one instruction our staff will instruct you how to

Trouble typing?....No Problem! We will teach you through our Typing Program how to use the computer keyboard.