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Neighborhood Services

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful committed citizens can change the world, indeed it's the only thing that ever has."
- Margaret Mead

The mission of HEBCAC is to work with citizens and other stakeholders to improve neighborhoods in a 220-block area. Community building, a process used to make positive changes in a community, is one way that HEBCAC advances its mission. As part of the community, HEBCAC forges partnerships with neighbors, associations, institutions, city government, and others already in the community to effect change. With its community-driven building practices and strong citizen involvement, small efforts such as block clean-ups to major redevelopment efforts are possible.

Community Greening

The Chase/Montford Chess Park and Faith Garden, is a vacant lot restoration project that was suggested by a community activist. With the combined efforts of dozens of local businesses, hundreds of volunteers, HEBCAC, Civic Works, KidsScoop, East Baltimore Historical Library, and Rayner Brown Academy the park has taken shape and is becoming a viable green space enjoyed by many.

The Duncan Street Garden located on North Collington Avenue, The Garden of Eden located in the 900 block of Glover Street, and the Milton/Montford Improvement Association Garden located in the 800 block of North Montford Avenue other examples of community-driven greening projects supported by HEBCAC.

Neighborhood Planning

The Monument McElderry Fayette Plan is a comprehensive neighborhood plan that offers clearly defined implementation projects for housing initiatives and social services. This community-building effort was funded by the France-Merrick Foundation, administered and coordinated by HEBCAC and overseen by a community-based steering committee. This well-defined neighborhood plan is being implemented and will have a big impact in the area from Washington Street to Linwood Avenue and Monument Street to Fayette Street.