Success Stories

Victor Hamilton

Victor’s initial involvement with the HEBCAC Yo! Program was not entirely by choice. His mother wanted him to finish his high school education, and in order to appease her, he returned to school. Victor soon came to realize the importance of his education, and became a committed GED student and an active Yo! member. With the help and motivation of the Yo! staff, Victor fulfilled the first step in his academic career when he achieved his GED in April 2007. The next step was soon to come, when Victor was connected to and enrolled in the highly selective BCCC Biotech Program. In February of 2008, Victor graduated from the program, and was awarded 6 college credits. He is currently waiting to be placed in an internship, and fully intends to continue his college career.

Sharonda Saunders

Sharonda, a single mother, entered the HEBCAC Yo! Program in 2003. She enrolled in the program because she wished to obtain her GED and enroll in college, but she had a myriad of barriers that initially blocked the way. It wasn’t easy, but with the help of her advocate and the Yo! resources, Sharonda slowly conquered her barriers, one by one. Her hurdles ranged from coping skills to childcare to a lack of job skills, and with the help of the Yo! center’s connection to job readiness training, mental health services, and GED classes, Sharonda worked her way to success. She achieved her GED in April 2005, and is currently pursuing her BS in Social Work at Morgan State University.

Sierra Jones

Happenstance brought Sierra to the HEBCAC Yo! Program. She was walking by the center when she asked one of the Job Coaches what this place was all about. At that moment, her life path shifted course. She met with an advocate, and upon intake, her advocate discovered that Sierra was homeless, had exited out of the foster care system, and she was without any form of identification. The Yo! program helped her to acquire the necessary identification, and quickly moved her into the on-site GED class, introduced her to the mental health therapist, and enrolled her in job readiness training. In July 2007, Sierra achieved her GED, and has since enrolled in Baltimore Community College. She is currently living with her aunt, continuing college, and plans to mentor youth like herself in the near future.

Adreia Green

Adreia came into the HEBCAC Yo! Program with very high assessment scores, and a strong desire to get her life back on track. Immediately, her instructor saw her intelligence, and gave her the Official Practice Test, an exam that determines if a member is ready to take her GED test. She passed the test with flying colors, and during the months up to her exam, she studied fervently both independently and in the classroom. Although she encountered challenges along the way, she always kept her eye on the prize. With the help of the Yo! center and her advocate, Adreia was able to resolve the barriers she had been faced with, and she gained a new sense of confidence in herself. In December 2007, Adreia attained her GED. She is currently employed as an associate at ACE Check Cashing, and is working with her former GED instructor to achieve her next goal, college.