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How to Build a Community

  1. Know your neighbors
  2. Leave your house
  3. Greet people
  4. Sit on your stoop
  5. Plant Flowers
  6. Play together
  7. Buy from local merchants
  8. Support neighborhood schools
  9. Share what you have
  10. Fix it even if you didn’t break it
  11. Have pot lucks
  12. Garden together
  13. Pick up litter
  14. Start a tradition
  15. Ask a question
  16. Hire young people for odd jobs
  17. Organize a block party
  18. Share your skills
  19. Take back the night
  20. Turn up the music
  21. Turn down the music
  22. Listen before you react to anger
  23. Mediate a conflict
  24. Volunteer in the community
  25. Attend a community association meeting
  26. Seek to understand
  27. Learn from new and uncomfortable angles
  28. Know that no one is silent though many are not heard, work to change this

Text by members of the Syracuse Cultural Workers Community, SCW ©1997